About GoAkamai Website

The GoAkamai website provides many features to help you plan your trip. Go to the GoAkamai home page to get started and discover all the easy-to-use tools and information GoAkamai has to offer. Below is a list of features offered on the website and mobile app, followed by frequently asked questions (FAQ) that may help you better understand and navigate the website. For more information about the GoAkamai mobile app, visit the GoAkamai mobile apps page. If find that your question is not answered, please contact us.

The GoAkamai partner agencies appreciate your interest in GoAkamai and look forward to hearing your feedback on the site.

Feature List

  • Interactive Map

  • Map Tools

  • What is the Alert feature?

  • Navigation Menu

Website FAQ

  • What does GoAkamai have to offer?

  • How do I use the map?

  • Can I select items displayed on the map?

  • How does the Incidents feature work?

  • How does the Cameras feature work?

  • How often are the camera snapshots of traffic updated?

  • Why is a camera snapshot displaying a "blue" screen or GoAkamai logo?

  • What are Freeway Travel Times?

  • How are the different congestion levels shown in the Traffic Congestion layer translated into speeds?

  • What is MyGoAkamai?

  • How do I register for MyGoAkamai

  • How do I set up My Account?

  • How do I set up My Cameras?

  • How do I set up My Trips?

  • How do I set up My Alerts?

  • How do I add an Alert Profile?

  • What if I'm notified of a MyGoAkaiami alert while I'm driving?

  • What Weather Links are available?

  • What is the Social Media option?

  • What are the various features of the Travel Links Menu and how do they work?

  • What browser versions does the website support?

  • What are cookies and why are they used on the website?

  • Who is responsible for producing the GoAkamai website?

  • Will there be other services to aid travelers under the GoAkamai program?

  • What is meant by "GoAkamai"?